Presentation of the Project

The reason for requesting this project was the shortcomings of our students in scientific-technological and mathematical areas, which were detected in internal and external evaluations. In order to improve results and develop scientific competences we proposed that teachers should acquire tools to develop innovative, contextualized and interactive teaching units focused on a competence-based approach to scientific knowledge. We also set out to integrate ICT resources more efficiently and to provide situations for the use of foreign languages and knowledge of Europe.

In order to achieve these objectives, we considered quality training to be essential. This could be provided by the Go-Lab platform (Global Online Science Labs for Inquiry Learning at School). The main objectives of Go-Lab – to introduce teachers to the use of virtual experimentation and remote laboratories, to introduce research-based methodologies and to help teachers develop and improve their teaching skills – were in line with our needs.

In the framework of the project, teacher mobility activities have been carried out, with the idea of boosting teaching innovation in the school. The initial proposal to attend a structured course and peer observation in teaching was affected by the pandemic. It was possible to participate in a Go-Lab Summer School course in Greece.  In addition, we attended a Teaching ICT with Inquiry (TIWI) multiplier event in Bilbao during which the knowledge of the potential of the platform was deepened. 

The project has so far brought benefits for students, teachers, schools and the Golab platform itself. In the sections of this website you can find materials from the Go-Lab/NextLab trainings, units designed, implemented and evaluated by school professionals, as well as evidence of impact.

 Gradually we will add results, as the project continues beyond the grant period.

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Presentación del Proyecto